Mulier Mulier Gallery


30 June 2018 to 29 July 2018

Opening Saturday, June 30 at 3 pm

						Show of Tadashi Kawamata at Mulier Mulier Gallery

The gallery was founded in 1988 by Erik Mulier and Luc Mulier.
We established an international reputation for excellence, innovation and the quality of the exhibitions.
Panamarenko, Art & Language, Guy Van Bossche, Pol Bury, Tadashi Kawamata, James Lee Byars, Maria Ikonomopoulou, Lawrence Weiner, Robert Mapplethorpe ... are just a few of the artists represented.

Guy Van Bossche


May 13 -June 10, 2018
Opening Reception: Sunday, May 13, 5-8 PM

Slag Gallery is pleased to present in the main gallery Stage Wachten (Waiting Internship) a solo exhibition of new works by Guy Van Bossche.
Guy Van Bossche’s art is to be situated within a select group of Belgian painters such as Luc Tuymans, Bert De Beul, Marc Vanderleenen, locally known as ‘The Grey School’. During the early 90 ’s these painters returned to figurative painting and introduced a modest and sober art by using small size canvases and minimal colors, whereas the international art scene was dominated by large size, colorful abstract painting. Using photography as a point of departure for his compositions Van Bossche doesn’t focus on the reality of the photograph, but rather, his modus operandi is one that seeks "signals which in the act of painting he converts into images that vibrate with life." By doing so, a painting of Van Bossche will never be a mere copy of a photograph, but a fragmentary image created by implementing subtle changes, an image which translates his fascination with human fate, an image which captures moments of quietude at the intersection with uneasy oneiric elements. Working to meta-expressive ends - sociological, political and philosophical -, Van Bossche's work possesses the extraordinary ability to plunge the viewer into the undependable world of reflections. The penetrating profundity of his work rewards deep viewing.

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solo show of guy van bossche at the Slag Gallery, New-York, 2018

Stage Wachten
2015 - 2018, 47,8 cm x 37 cm, Oil on Canvas


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