Maria Ikonomopoulou

‘Maria Ikonomopoulou is no ordinary artist. She is one of those dreamers that manage to transmit with their art something extraordinary, simple and at the same time complicated, intense but liberating, familiar but at the same time unknown. She mixes traditional folk techniques, newspaper cutouts, forgotten photos, chalk, painting and graphics and makes out of them magic. Ikonomopoulou is strongly influenced by nature and loves to make open air interventions that often even include free giveaway of her work. Her creations have a surprising ability to connect with all kind of audiences and are stripped down to the essential: no theoretical inventions as excuses, no baroque references, no unnecessary excesses. Ikonomopoulou happens to be one of those Greek artists that have sought inspiration far away from their own country. Having Holland as her basis, she is influenced by both Greek and Dutch cultures and she considers all of these contradictions and similarities as the core of her art.’

_ by Apostolos Mitsios for Yatzer 2009

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